Why don't you let us contact you on Facebook or list your last name anywhere?
As many of you can probably guess this is for privacy reasons, and although my about page is supposed to be 'all about me' I'm sure you guys can understand that some things have to be kept private!

Can you help me create a blog name?
If I was that imaginative I'd love to come up with many names for everybody, but it kind of took me a long while to come up with my own! My advice would be to sit down with a notepad and try and brainstorm some catchy ideas that are unique to you, and that aren't too long to pronounce otherwise it will be a mouth-full!

What made you start a blog?
This question actually isn't that hard to answer, but mid-June 2014 I really fantasised about making a blog and writing down all my thoughts and share my knowledge with everyone that would want to listen. It wasn't just a one-off thought like it sounds until one night I stopped thinking/dreaming and after coming up with a name, Classy Beauty Blogger was born! (YAY!)

What camera do you use to take photo's of products etc?
This answer isn't actually anything fancy like a separate camera, I actually use my phone because its simpler and I can just upload them straight on to the blogger app or just transfer to my laptop, its quick and easy!

How did you create your banner?
My banner/header I made myself by using Microsoft Publisher and overlapping backgrounds and adding fonts! (It's as simple as it sounds...) I would love to be able to use Photoshop, but my brain isn't that intelligent!