Monday, 7 July 2014


So were back with another review! This time the review is based on a cheap affordable makeup brand that is located here: except I got all of these products from my local Superdrug. All together I got 14 products which ranged from £1 to £4! (Some of these products are re-purchases)
(Disclaimer: These products I brought myself with my own money. Therefore these opinions are my own and I am not being paid to do this review.) So lets get into it!

First off I got two palettes for £4 each which the Heaven and Earth one was a re-purchase because I love it sooo much! (The brown neutrals) and I picked up another one because it looked interesting and caught my eye straight away! It's a bunch of fun colours, and as you can tell from the palette name 'Glitter Ball' they have a hint of shimmer/glitter!

I did swatches of all the colours so that you could see individually how unique they all are! They don't have separate names like e.g. The naked palettes but the colours in the picture are in order from left to right > and I can always say that if you haven't tried the MUA palettes you definitely should! They are so pigmented and I love the Heaven and earth palette for soft smoky eyes to create a natural look perfect for every day use.

I haven't yet created a look with the Glitter ball palette but I'll be interested to see what I can put together. The purple shade on the 2nd row at the far right you can buy as an individual shadow too, but for £3 cheaper. Just £1 pound! The colours are really pigmented and these photos I only had one swipe of the colour to create it. I feel that if you layered them, the silver and copper colour would work perfectly.
This one was too £4.

The next 3 products were Glitter Eye-liner's which I've heard about before to have really good colour, when trying them out, they stayed put and didn't smudge after drying which was great, but the silver one looked like it had been used 10000 times because it was more watery than the others, and the pink one didn't show up that much when on the eye, my favourite has to be the gold (shade 4)
The pink - shade 6
The silver - shade 1
But I can't complain that much, they were all at a really low price of £1 each!

The next 2 eye-shadow based things that I bought were the MUA eye-shadow trio's at just £2.50 each, the left one is beautiful pinky neutral colours called 'Pink Sorbet' and the right is perfect for a smoky eye look, called 'Innocence' 
These aren't as pigmented as the palettes, but are build-able and good quality to work with. The packaging isn't exactly millionaire, but it fits the product perfectly.

MUA pressed powder (shade 2) was a repurchase. Its not too powdery and covers up my blemishes fine when I don't want to wear anything too heavy.

Eyebrow pencil In Blonde: This was recommended to me by my good friend Chelsea who has used it for a while, & I can see why, the pencil is creamy, long lasting and with a brow gel even longer, These are at a bargain price of £1.

Blusher shade 1 (left) shade 2 (right)
This was definitely my most exciting purchase as I wanted to see if these blushers lived up to the hype, Being kind of powdery, they do give off good colour, the only thing I didn't like was the packaging, but beggars can't be choosers at just £1!

 The last 2 products were 2 individually eye shadows I picked up (left: pearl eyeshadow shade 4) This shade was in the palette Glitter ball and is a very pretty lilac, and is amazingly pigmented for the £1 price tag. The right colour is also a pearl eyeshadow, and is shade 12, and It looks like a metallic silver, except in the light it has a green-ish interesting shimmer to it, and can be blended in to make a smooth colour or a dark one.

So that's it for today guys, Have a good week!


  1. Great haul! I love the MUA blushes - I have 3 that I constantly use. The Glitter Ball palette looks interesting - might have to go in and pick one up :) Recently hauled the undressed, undressed me too and luxe pretty edgy palettes which i was really impressed with (post on my blog). eyebrow pencil has also caught my eye..I feel another MUA shopping trip coming up :) xx

  2. Thankyou brenda! I feel like I have to try the undressed palettes, i love my neutral shades :) I'll be sure to check your post out!! :) xx