Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mark Hill 'All you'll ever need!' Mini Collection&Bag

Hi Everyone! 

Today I'm going to do a review of this cute little set of Mark Hill hair products that were kindly given to me as a gift by one of my best friends shortly after my exams ended! So I have had time to use the products and make a review on them briefly but detailed with experience!
So the first thing that you notice when picking the bag up, is that the bag isn't that big but is small and compact and everything you would want all in one! (I am currently using it for college as a make-up bag because I love it so much...) However there was also a dry shampoo in there, but because it was so small I used all of it within 2 uses! (It was 50 ml also)

All you'll ever need! - Everyday Shampoo&Conditioner 50 ml:
My first impressions on this small shampoo is the packaging; it's very girly and sometimes the packaging makes it more exciting to use. Initially I was going to save these until I went somewhere like a sleepover with one of my friends, or just somewhere travelling so I wouldn't have to take full sized products with me, but the smell of all of them especially the shampoo made my senses soar and I just gave in and tried it! I didn't notice that much of a difference using these instead of my normal Shampoo and Conditioner but they didn't dry my hair out and made it smell so nice. Even though it didn't do wonders, these would come in handy for travelling if you want a cheap shampoo and conditioner in small sizes. (Sorry the picture is blurry, my kind camera decided to play up with the focus!!)

All you'll ever need! - Fabulous Finish Hairspray 50 ml:
"My Lightweight micro-fine spray provides a firm lasting hold yet still allows hair to move naturally." -Mark Hill

This hairspray is super cute, and when I tried it I couldn't help but notice how lightweight, non-sticky and the floral fragrance smell! This product was tested out to the max when I used it out one night and it held my naturally thick half up curly hair-do for 7 hours without a problem. It has to be one of the best hairsprays that I've tried... and if I can find the big version in stores I will definitely be purchasing, but other than that the small size is perfect for handbags and taking on the go for a quick light spritz!

Quick Fix Dry Shampoo - 50 ml:
This dry shampoo unfortunately didn't meet up to my expectations like the other products did, all though I don't have a picture, it didn't last that long on my 2nd day hair! It was almost like my scalp was soaking it up like a sponge, and although the scent was nice it didn't really act as good as my regular go-to Batiste dry shampoos... I don't think I will re-purchase.

The last product in this review is the mini compact mirror that comes with the set. I instantly fell in love when I saw it had leopard print all over it, and inside it has 2 mirrors, a regular and a zoomed one (which is an added bonus!) There's not much you can write about mirrors, apart from its cute packaging which attracts you to it.

After trying out these products I will be interested to try out the different Mark Hill products and definitely purchase the Hairspray in full size. If any of you have tried out these products, what did you think? I would love to hear from you!

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