Friday, 11 July 2014

Mini e.l.f Haul&Review

Hi there! I hope your all well and enjoying your week, yay its Friday! For today's post I'll be doing a mini e.l.f haul & review on some things that I ordered a few weeks ago... E.L.F is a cheap affordable good quality make-up brand that sells a lot of items that are perfect for people on a budget, or if your just getting into makeup and don't want to spend a lot of money.

> You can purchase these products here:
(Disclaimer: These products I brought myself with my own money. Therefore these opinions are my own and I am not being paid to do this review.)

E.l.f professional total face brush: This brush I got because I grew tired of using sponges to put on my powder, and I finally decided to use a brush again for my powder... but I didn't know which one to chose. So I shopped around and heard good reviews about the e.l.f brushes, and I can confirm with you guys that they are really good quality for money, I paid £1.95 for this brush, which is extremely low compared to some high end brushes these days. It came in a plastic see-through pouch and I can say that no hairs have came out of the brush since I brought it, even when washing with baby shampoo every week.

E.l.f professional blending eye brush: Okay, so before about 2 years ago I never used to blend eye shadows with a blending brush, I just used a fluffy regular eyeshadow brush without even thinking, but after purchasing this I think I understand the concept of why every girl in the planet needs one! This brush is handy, and does a great job at smudging out colours to make them less 'harsh' I paid £1.95 for this brush too, and it was worth every penny. They all, like this one are so soft and keep their good quality finish.

- I did buy more brushes, but have not yet been able to try them out fully to give a review, so that will come later. I brought an eye-shadow brush and a bronzing brush too. -

2 Hypershine lip glosses: On the website these looked full of colour and really interesting. They both have a twist applicator, and come in a range of interesting colours. The two that I picked up, the first one being a nude colour (bottom) was called Bare, and the top one being a baby pink is called Flirt. They are both really nice colours, and smell delicious! Apart from the fact that I would rather not twist and apply, I can't be fussy for £1.95.

E.l.f shimmer eye-liner pencil (It is like a bronzy brown, but it doesn't say on the packaging!) These eyelieners are really creamy and have great colour, but they wear down really quick for £1.95, but they also have a sharpener on the end which makes it 10x easier to sharpen in a hurry.

E.l.f eyelid primer: As the last product in my haul, this was the thing that I was disappointed about, the primer is dry and doesn't make eyeshadows last as I thought it would, It comes in different colours all at the same price of £1.95 but I just got the regular one in 'Sheer' out of all of the products that I brought from e.l.f this is the only thing I would not re-purchase.

So thats it guys, if you've tried these products what do you think? Would you not repurchase any of them?
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I bought a load of lippies on e.l.f website yesterday including the ones you mentioned...will be interested to try them all!! Hopefully there are some good ones in there!
    Brenda @

  2. Thankyou for the comment Brenda, and for the price how can we not! :) you will have to post about them as I will most likely be ordering again soon! x