Saturday, 26 July 2014

My 'before holiday' Haul!

Hi there everyone! I know it's been a while, and I forgot to tell you guys why there hasn't been a blog post! So I did a little haul before I went on holiday to Bournemouth for a week, and have spent the rest of the time celebrating summer break with my friends. Now I'm spending some time with you guys!..

So the first items I got are some tops, which were all on sale cheaply at primark ranging from £3-£6, these will be worn even after my holiday, (there are also 2 vest tops which I forgot to include in the picture oops) The blue short sleeved t-shirt has in big letters SMILE with a girl holding a camera; which I thought would bright up anyone's day. (Also the superheroes t-shirt is one of my secret obsessions!) I did take more clothes, but these are the recent things that I brought.
The next things that I got were my absolute necessary products for summer, these included the Vo5 Heat protectant spray, The simple refreshing face wash, which is so gentle! The sure bright deodorant and some more St Ives scrub which I'd ran out of! The scrub was £2.86, The deodorant was 3 for £5 because my mom bought in bulk, The vo5 heat protectant was £3.69 and the Simple face wash was £3.25. So overall it came to around £12, which was an OK price for my favourite products of the month.
The next thing I got was out of Asda's 'George' they are some gorgeous sandals; and they are a pretty neutral colour with 3 bows and a strap that goes behind the back of your foot. These were £10 and I used them a lot on holiday almost everywhere.
Okay so the last thing I treated myself to were some face masks from Montagne Jeunesse I have tried some of these before, and decided to try them again for £0.99p each. I thought it was pretty handy to take sachets of things instead of big bulky tubes like I have at home. (Now I've used them, I'm glad I took a picture of the packaging before I went, because they were amazing!) Who doesn't love peeling off a face mask?!
So hopefully guys now I'm back off holiday the posts will be up and running again without any problems/delays. 
Have a good Sunday everybody! x

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