Wednesday, 16 July 2014

nice'n'easy hair dye SB1 'Natural light summer blonde'

Hi everyone! How are you all? I've been very ill these past few days, so I thought I'd leave to active haul posts until later on; so today's review is going to be on a nice n easy hair dye, and my advice for this review is, it might look a nice colour on the box, but that is not how it turns out in real life.

I was expecting this dye to make my hair go the nice blonde that it was when I was younger. But I didn't realise that to get the blonde that I wanted I would have to bleach and use toner on my beautiful thick hair. Immediately after dyeing I realised I really didn't want to keep bleaching it, and waited about 3 days until dyeing again. This wasn't so bad apart from the swatch test that they tell you to do, didn't react with me...But when the dye was on my head it burned like hell, and I had boils/sores all over my scalp. I was really upset, and probably cried for hours because it hurt so much.

However I had to get it dyed again a.s.a.p so I decided to go a shade up from my natural dark blonde hair and just go for the dark blonde hair dye from the Garnier Olia range, (that didn't irritate my scalp!)

I didn't have a very good experience with this hair dye at all, and after dyeing the only thing I was impressed with was the tiny tube of conditioner that comes with the hair dye and how soft it made my hair. That was all.... considering my hair length I had to purchase 2 boxes which came to £8 and I brought them from Asda.

Good Points:

  1. The conditioner that is included is very good quality for replenishing hair.
  2. Cheap enough price (2 for £8 at asda)
  3. Easy and simple application
Bad points: 
  1. I did the swatch test, waited 48 hours and STILL got a reaction.
  2. Really strong ammonia smell... Made me go a tad dizzy!
  3. For longer hair, you will definitely need more than 1 box!
  4. The obvious one, turned my hair orange/yellow.
I guess all I can say about these dye's is that I will never be purchasing again, and that I regret purchasing them in the first place. I know a lot of people that have also had reactions, and did a swatch test; which in my opinion takes the purpose of the swatch test away!

So that's it guys, it wasn't exactly a positive review but I hope that if your young and are considering colouring your hair ( if you haven't before, or want to try these hair dyes ) please have a really big think about it beforehand or buy a semi-permanent!! Also make sure you don't have any events coming up, so that you have enough time to fix it. Or just be sensible and go to the salon!

Be safe everyone x
(Disclaimer: This product I brought myself with my own money. Therefore these opinions are my own and I am not being paid to do this review.) 

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