Friday, 18 July 2014

Blogging Tips& Advice!

Why hello there!
If your reading this, your either a loyal reader (which I thank you greatly for) or you just simply want to start a blog and need some tips, in which case I am going to help you out! (FYI: I know my blog isn't exactly the most popular, but some people might find this post helpful and in which case it's all worth it for me.

Tip 1: The most important tip is to be unique this will attract more viewers to your blog if you aren't posting the same as everybody else, and have different opinions and tastes. Remember, being original is boring!! :)

Tip 2: Decide what your basing your blog on, reviews, a journal? Anything you like... just make sure that it's something you love otherwise you will get tired of it really quick.

Tip 3: Pick a website your going to use, this can be (if you have the money) buying your own url, or just choosing a free and easy to use site like blogspot (blogger) or wordpress! Either are easy to use when you get used to using them.

Tip 4: Struggling on what to call your blog? Try to think of a short or catchy name, that's special to you, and hasn't been used before. That way, people will remember your blog easier and it won't be a mouthful!

Tip 5: Write what you want to write about. Don't write about a certain makeup brand just because someone else does, it will get boring. Do what you want to do :)

Tip 6: Have a simple layout for your blog. This means from the tabs to the font, people need to be able to get around your blog easily, and especially read your posts with ease and not struggle to read your swirly font; so don't go overboard with the simple things.

So that's it for todays post guys, check back soon for more! 
Stay Classy x

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